An artists impression of a Gondola ascending Kilvey Hill in Wales. An artists impression of a Gondola ascending Kilvey Hill in Wales.

Skyline Swansea A proposal to bring a world-class leisure destination for all to the city.

Skyline Swansea proposals would create an internationally-renowned visitor destination at Kilvey Hill – with all designs remaining sensitive to the landscape and environment and serving the community for decades to come.

Accessible Gondolas - food & beverage facilities - two-way zipline - Luge rides - sky swing - mountain bike trails - walking paths - children’s play area - wildlife grasslands - woodlands.

Our Proposals

Before we submitted plans for pre-application consultation, we consulted with community groups, Government departments, environmental agencies, private sector organisations and local public services, as well as local residents living near the planned development at Kilvey Hill.

Artists Impression

Watch our first fly-through video detailing proposals – starting with the Gondola journey from the proposed bottom station at Landore Park and Ride, next to the new Penderyn Copperworks Distillery, travelling along the west side of Kilvey Hill. The video then outlines the proposed attraction at the top of the hill, including the food and drink facilities, Luge runs, sky swing, and zipline.

About Us

Skyline is an international tourism company delivering real fun to global communities. Headquartered in New Zealand, Skyline has sites in Queenstown and Rotorua (New Zealand), Calgary and Mont Tremblant (Canada), Sentosa (Singapore), Busan and Tongyeong (South Korea) and soon to be Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Creating leisure sites with gravity-fuelled fun for all ages and abilities, Skyline prides itself on opening up adventure tourism – with a focus on sustainability and accessibility for all.


  • How much of Kilvey Hill will be covered by the proposed development?

    Just 9% of the hill would be covered by the Skyline development. All current access routes, such as walking paths and mountain bike trails, would be maintained.

  • How would the development impact access to Kilvey Hill?

    Free and unhindered public access to the entire hill would be retained and improved without having to use any Skyline facilities. All current walking and mountain bike tracks would remain as they are, and the development would allow for increased access to the hill’s peak thanks to wheelchair and pram-accessible Gondolas.

  • Swansea is one of the wettest cities in Britain. Would Skyline Swansea be successful as a tourist attraction in such adverse weather conditions?

    Our similar site in Rotorua, New Zealand, has more rainfall per year than Swansea – and so from our beginnings, we have always designed our activities to work in all weather conditions. We see other adventure tourism businesses thriving in Wales all year round, and we know that Swansea could, similarly, become an adventure tourism destination even in winter months.

  • Kilvey Hill is a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation. How would Skyline Swansea respect this?

    Skyline Swansea has consulted with Natural Resources Wales, Welsh Government, Swansea Council, and independent environmental consultancy EDP to develop sustainable working practices, and we would ensure all construction and development works were sensitive to the natural landscape.

    Protecting the natural environment is at the heart of our development considerations, as is our focus on sustainability and biodiversity with tree planting and environmental improvements planned for the hill. Read more on page 8 of our consultancy packs here.

  • Fabian Way is a busy road already. Would the proposed development cause traffic congestion?

    When looking at the forecasted tourism footfall, our predictions don’t show a dramatic increase in visitors arriving by car on any given day/month – we forecast just a 3% increase in daily traffic along primary routes (A4067, A4127, A483 and M4) rather than traffic impacting residential areas.

    The proposed car park would host 270 parking spaces, and we would also encourage visitors to take active travel and support Welsh Government’s aims to improve the use of public transport links across the city. The 34 bus stops at the proposed base station every 15 minutes, and Swansea’s railway station is an 8-minute journey away.

  • How would local areas be impacted by parking for Skyline Swansea?

    Landore Park and Ride would accommodate 270 parking spaces, and we’re consulting with Swansea Council to mitigate on-street parking risks in local, residential areas.

  • Would the proposed route for the Gondolas pass over local homes?

    No. The proposed route for the Gondola would start at Landore Park and Ride and head up the west side of Kilvey Hill. It will not pass above any residential or commercial buildings.

  • What facilities would be included at the site?

    The site would include accessible Gondolas (some with bike racks); food & beverage outlets; wheelchair-accessible Luge tracks; a sky swing; a two-way zipline; walking and mountain bike trails; a children’s play area and new wildlife-friendly grasslands.

  • How would the current mountain bike and walking trails be impacted?

    The current trails would be unaffected by the development as they’d be left completely as they are, maintaining free and unhindered public access to the entire hill without having to use any Skyline facilities.

    We would create new walking trails and new mountain bike routes suitable for beginners, allowing more people to access and enjoy Kilvey Hill.

  • What is Swansea Council’s involvement with the proposals?

    Skyline Swansea has submitted the proposals to Swansea Council, who will assess and either approve or decline the planning request. Skyline Swansea is a development of Skyline International, a global tourism attraction company with sites in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea. We identified Swansea as an ideal location as part of our ongoing global search for new sites.

  • Would the development increase work opportunities for local people?

    Our estimates forecast 236 direct construction roles would be created (such as building, landscaping etc), and 316 indirect jobs (such as suppliers). Once constructed, we predict 116 operational jobs would be created in the local area. This would cover site operatives and suppliers, and include all levels of employment from seasonal and part-time work to apprenticeships, school-leaver positions, university graduates, mid-level and senior career roles, and more.

    We also plan to work closely with local schools to raise awareness and aspiration for tourism careers in the local area.

  • What economic benefit would the development bring to Swansea?

    During construction, our estimates predict £11m added value to the local economy. Over the first 15 years of the site being operational, our forecasts suggest Skyline Swansea would more than double its initial investment by gaining a 1:2.4 cost-benefit ratio – generating £84m net GVA.

    More information and further cost breakdowns can be found on page 2 of our consultation packs here.